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MICRON is a regional heavy equipment manufacturing company that specializes in producing high quality spare parts for heavy equipment and hydraulic breakers.

We were established in 2003, and are striving to be the number one specialized factory of wide range of products focusing on spare parts in the Heavy Equipment industry in the Middle East and North Africa

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Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breaker

production stages

Our primary mandate here at micron is to produce the perfect spare parts that serve your needs.

We offer long life spare parts with high performance that gives you the perfect experience ever! Where hydraulics best outcomes come from the best production process.

We intend to reach maximum resistance to harsh working conditions; therefore, our chisels, pistons and other spare parts are carefully manufactured starting from raw materials to the finished product.

We are able to produce chisels starting from Diameter 80mm up to 170mm, and the length starting from 800mm up to 1500mm – We use heat treatment unit’s modern energy up to 9 tons of chisels, and chisel production capacity of 25 units per day.

Our Promise to Our Customers

The best quality

Durability and reliability
Customizing Spare Parts according to your needs
Our products guarantee durable performance of your hydraulic breaker and increase productivity and reduce your operational costs
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