Production Stages

Our primary mandate here at ARAM is to produce the perfect spare parts that serve to your needs. We offer long life spare parts with high performance that give you the perfect experience ever! Where products best outcomes come from the best production process.

By their nature, hydraulic breaker chisels are designed to work under the harshest and most  difficult conditions known to the demolition and mineral extraction industries. Accordingly, our chisels and wide range of products are manufactured through the use of special high quality alloy steel and sophisticated hardening methodology that consists of multistage heat treatment and tempering with advanced facilities, the chisel we produce acquire enormous fatigue strength and a t the same time extremely high resistance to wear.

Our production Stages:

  • Product Concept: To flesh out the concept, we think about the product details, including product type, what its use is, and who would use it.
  • Research: At this stage, we make a deep research in order to find, implement and deliver the best design solutions to our customers.
  • Product Design & Development: At this stage, we move the information gathered in the research stage into reality. During this stage, we consider many factors, including product’s function, reliability, room for profit, complexity and product’s materials.
  • Prototype Testing: Here, we generate a prototype testing to make sure we are in the right path.
  • Manufacturing: Based on the prototype testing, if there are no problems that need to be worked on, then it’s time for manufacturing the product.
  • Feedback and Testing: After the manufacturing stages, the quality control department begins testing the product using our standard process. Once done and completed, the final product will be in the hands of customers.